The female story of rose and fairy

Cho Kangnam’s art works naturally remind us of Jorgea Okif,
the best female paintist of America and the symbol of erotic art.
Especially, her art works that are dealt with flowers share common
interest with Cho Kangnam’s. We can imagine female’s image
and desire through Cho Kangnam’s art works as we can imagine
it through Jorgea Okif’s.
Okif said, "in fact, most people don’t see flowers because they are
tiny and people don’t have enough time to see them.
So I will draw what flowers mean. I will draw huge flowers that
people are so frightened that they can have enough time to see them."

The paintist, Cho Kangnam holds art works exhibition, saying that
the theme of this exhibition starts from the woman’s sex viewpoint
caused by the Universe’s everything.
Her art works are chiefly based on flowers, especially roses.
Whoever see roses, most of them are fascinated by their beautiful
colors and shapes. In addition, roses symbolize the beautiful woman.
Roses have delicate shapes and charming colors.
In Cho Kangnam’s art works, roses mean not their own beauty but
the nature’s beauty of consensus between human being and nature.

Though she chooses roses as a motive of her art works,
in a strict meaning, She intends to express woman’s instinct through roses.
The various roses on the basis of strong woman’s sex
accompany the original life birth image. Sometimes, there are
huge red roses on the canvas, which represent the beautiful
climax moment for woman. So the inner meaning of rosed filled
with life is more important their appearance.

In some her art works’ aspect, there is a strong woman’s
play desire. On the other hand, The feminine desire is incidentally
composed of in her paintings. The numerous fairies added in her
paintings are playing, dancing with bright shapes.
Her blazing red color, flowers drawn in blue color, and huge
flowers completed by collage burst desire for the escape from
everyday monotonous routine and confinement.
Also, the beauty of numerous recoloring with red produces
life and reflects her inner life aspect.

We can understand painter’s instinctive and original desire
world through the story of flowers and fairies shown by
painter and it is known by strong message from woman’s emotions.
In the letter to his schoolmate Anita pollitz written by Okif as
the expression that I went to the sunlight this evening, it seems
that Cho kangnam says that She prepares for fairies or roses
for her artistic freedom. This is her artistic experience.
When painter Cho Kangnam draws flowers, She paints the
permanent living flowers, not flowers faded away instantly.

She changes her emotions into deep Ocean's jewel and
splendid waterdrop pattern by means of lively colors.
Her transformed canvas with life image, desire for art and
the image on the basis of the objects combined by nature
are the process of empathy of emotion.
Therefore, the general ideas on flowers and image of her
art works are the models for painter's enthusiasm,
perspective and instinct being expressed in her art works.
Though Cho Kangnam's flowers in her art works her paintings
have the peculiar patterns of fairy's and flower's variation.
Through her continuous using roses and fairies, She expresses
the woman's instinct, the woman's strong life, the consensus
between human being and nature.

This is a good attitude of the solo exhibition as a painter.
Through the best beauty and flowers the harmony of between
endowed by nature if She dreamed of the genuine ideal
woman with life, She could broaden her art works' field more
than now by means of more profound thought and variation.

                                     ㅡ Kim, Jong-Geun (Art critic, Busan International Mul-Art show Director)


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